His Heartbeat with Sue Corl

#100 From Victim to Victor

August 03, 2023 Crown of Beauty International Season 2 Episode 100
His Heartbeat with Sue Corl
#100 From Victim to Victor
Show Notes

Most of us have moments in our lives that result in shame. The Lord wants to set us free and help us to see ourselves through His eyes. Natalie McKinnie’s testimony of healing helps us to see the power of God’s love and His Word to lift us from the burden of shame. She was a victim of an armed robbery and an attempt at sexual assault. During the assault, the Lord guided her on what to do and what not to do so she was spared of greater harm. However, following this traumatic event, she experienced PTSD, shame, and mental torment.
As she daily journaled her emotions and thoughts, the Lord began to speak to her in powerful ways. He brought her into a very deep experience of His love. One day, He led her to a Scripture that instructed her that she would receive a crown of glory for her ministry to other women. At this time, she knew she was called to help other women who have been sexually assaulted. She began the Breaking Chains ministry which offers women a safe, confidential space to share their painful stories. She also wrote a book about her story: A New Crown of Glory; Finding Purpose in the Midst of Tragedy. Natalie’s testimony shows us how God can turn tragedy into a ministry of hope and healing for ourselves and others.

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  • 1 Peter 5:4